Bread in Common is moving

Dear Bread in Common fans and friends- just to let you know we are on a baking break while we get premises etc sorted out in the coming months. In the meanwhile do contact with bread requests me for special events and with enough notice I will be happy to bring you real bread! thanks and watch this space…Susan

Pink Pop Up Pizza in Newcastle Town Centre

We set up our mobile pizzeria outside the Civic Offices on Merial Street on Saturday 27th October as part of a special Pop-Up weekend to raise money for Breast Cancer. As well as our tried and tested Margherita we offered a Pink sweet pizza using Nutella and Marshmallows…the marshmallows caramelised in the oven making it extra delicious! Although only an adventurous few were brave enough to try it.

Photo shows new recruit Emily getting to grips with the oven.

If you’re on Facebook we have new page called ‘Bread in Common’ where you can keep in touch with the project and even join our subscription bakery!

Pizza IS the new popcorn! The Baking Bread Mobile Pizzeria hits Tunstall park!

We had a great time making pizza in Tunstall park this week as part of the third for one night only film show. It was a terrific turn out for the film, so our volunteer bakers were nice and busy! Wendy was in charge of firing up the oven on Monday and did a great job, with the help of Said, Emily and Behjat we made our most authentic pizza’s yet! A big thanks to them and all our volunteer bakers!

They’ll be more opportunities to help out over the coming months so do get in touch if you’d like to come along.

We’ll be running another volunteer food hygiene training session in September (free for all our volunteers) so please do contact Rebecca to put your name down if you haven’t done so already (01782 717326, Photo shows the team setting up in Tunstall Park

Almost 100 pizzas were served at the event in Burslem Park on Monday!

The second round of pizza making in parks was a big success (in fact we had to turn some people away when we ran out of dough). This week we worked with people in Burslem Park. Special thanks to Bread newbie Emily who made a fantastic batch of pizza dough and Regina who shared some of her Portuguese techniques and tips!

The next session will be in Tunstall Park on Monday 20th September, do come along and find out more about the project!

Our pizza’s were ‘Perfektné’ according to some of our young Slovakian helpers on Monday:-)

Our mobile clay oven attracted a lot of attention in the park on Monday. We fired it up at about 3pm as it needs to get up to over 600!!! and then back down to perfect pizza baking temperature! It was really lovely that so many people stopped to talk to us about what we were doing and tell us about similar ovens they have used, from memories of making dough in the evening and then the next morning taking it to be baked in the communal village oven in rural Afghanistan to using tandoors in back yards in Shelton!
A special thank-you to all our volunteers.

We’ll be firing the oven up again next Monday 13th August at Burslem Park from 3pm, do pop along if you fancy having a go!

Pizza Making in our brand new mobile oven! Today in Hanley

We are very excited to be making margherita pizza today in Hanley Park as part of an animation project run by B arts (For One Night Only). For One Night Only is running in 4 city parks across the summer-for more details visit the b arts website

We’re also developing a new project which is around uncovering the social history of both domestic and industrial baking across North Staffordshire. So if this sounds like something you’d be interested in please do get in touch with Rebecca on 01782 717326 or at

baking BREAD goes north! All the way to Straad, The Isle of Bute!

We’ve been taking a break from the baking sessions in Stoke-On-Trent but did foray out to the wilds of Bute to do some baking as part of their summer solstice celebrations. Susan worked with aspiring community bakers of all ages from around Bute. They tried out some Andrew Whitley recipes (you can see from our genuine photo below left, that they look just like the picture in the book! Hoorah!) and also other recipes already on this blog (if you haven’t tried them already the rolls are really quick and easy, do remember to experiment adding your own favourite ingredients). The group really enjoyed the sessions and are planning to put home-made bread on the menu of Rothesay community cafe.

Photos show, Andrew’s book Bread Matters, Our purpose-built outside bread oven, and one of the finished loaves!

If anyone knows any Scottish baking recipes feels inspired to post them, please do!

Check out our buns! vérifier mes petits pains

We had a lovely session last Thursday with some visitors from a group called Freres Poussiere, in Aubervilliers, France. Jess showed the group how to make a traditional English recipe, hot cross buns and Florence shared her now legendary fat cake recipe, and we even managed to squeeze in some bagel making as well!
Check out the recipe page for how to make these.

The photographs show Fatou and Vinciane working the currents into their dough, Laurence and Mathieu, and Patrick and Maria